Is this molecule a drug?

We may prove it right or wrong. Anyway, there will be an answer.

Da-Ta Biotech provides tools for testing the drug like properties of the investigated molecule and its accompanied formulation.

ADME and Toxicity Optimization should be passed through along the R&D pathway. Few start this route in parallel with the scientific building blocks setting.

For becoming a drug, the active molecule needs to be administered (A) into the body/ tissue. The rout of administration is dependent upon chemical-physical properties of the molecules. Correct formulation is valuable. Should the treatment be orally administered, the active molecule might be required to pass into the blood stream – Can it?

The active compound can only induce its effect if it gets distributed (D) to the target organ – Does it?

Can the molecule survive the body fluids and systems until it gets there? The Molecule should survive metabolism long enough yet it should be metabolized (M)How is it?

Finally, the molecule needs to be excreted (E) from the body – How? When?

Da-Ta Biotech is profiling the druggability of your molecule

It is the correct thing to do

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