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Da-Ta Biotech provides Research and Development (R&D) bacteriology service  where bacteria and Phages serve both as  tools for research, included in validates models, and being investigated for improving drugs mechanism of action
Biosafety level 1 – bacterial assays – phage assays – bacterial banking – phage banking – antibacterial activity assays -
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RNA and DNA technologies at our customers’ service are fast and effective in order to advance any genetic engineering, cloning or expression assays
PCR – real time PCR – Reverse Transcription – primers / probes construction – cloning – RNA/DNA extraction - Plasmids
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Cell biology is our Workspace. Drug mode of action (MOA), drug safety and druggability of a compound are directly effecting and effected from this “working environment”. The effect of proteins expression and activity is a main key for pharmaceuticals development.
Western blot – ELISA – ImmunoHistochemistry (IHC) – Protein biding assays – Enzyme kinetics – Protein interaction – KITS – Detection: colorimetric, fluorometric and luminometric.
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Franz cells

Da-Ta Biotech’s state of the art sophisticated Hamilton Vertical diffusion device enables Israeli drug developing companies in sorting formulations for topical treatments.
Permeation assays - Artificial membrane – pig skin/ human skin – gel, liquid, ointment formulations.
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Tissue culture

Da-Ta Biotech extracts, propagates and prepares cell banks of cells from a wide range of sources including ATCC or any global source center, viable tissue collected within animal studies, viable tissue collected from a clinical study for R&D.
Biosafety level 2 - Cell banking –– cell lines – cancer cells – primary cell extraction - primary cells propagation – cell immortalization - Transient and stable transfections.
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Biocompatibility of a medical device is tested according to ISO 10993-5:2009. Being an Israeli CRO for biological assays is providing direct access for our clients for screening different prototypes, preparations or processes before advancing abroad to a GLP certified provider such as NAMSA.
- cytotoxicity assays (ISO 10993-5:2009) – cell viability – Medical Device testing – ADME Tox – Biological samples evaluation.
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Employing a validated in vitro model as well as setting up a new cell based research tool based on our customers’ needs, are both accomplished shortly and effectively by collaborations all over the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers.
Biosafety level 2 - Cell proliferation – apoptosis - cytotoxicity assays (ISO 10993-5:2009) – cell viability – metabolic assays - Cell Adhesion and attachment Cell migration – cytokines assays - Transient and stable transfections - Induction of cell differentiation.
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Our researchers are well practiced and certified for researching viruses BSL2. Adeno viruses and Lentiviruses are used for Pharmaceutical developments such as CAR-T and Immortalization.
Biosafety level 2 – cell infection – cytopathic effects – lenti viral plateform – adenoviral tools.
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ISO 9001:2015

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