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Da-Ta Biotech provides Research and Development (R&D) bacteriology service  where bacteria and Phages serve both as  tools for research, included in validates models, and being investigated for improving drugs mechanism of action
Biosafety level 1 – bacterial assays – phage assays – bacterial banking – phage banking – antibacterial activity assays -
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RNA and DNA technologies at our customers’ service are fast and effective in order to advance any genetic engineering, cloning or expression assays
PCR – real time PCR – Reverse Transcription – primers / probes construction – cloning – RNA/DNA extraction - Plasmids
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Cell biology is our Workspace. Drug mode of action (MOA), drug safety and druggability of a compound are directly effecting and effected from this “working environment”. The effect of proteins expression and activity is a main key for pharmaceuticals development.
Western blot – ELISA – ImmunoHistochemistry (IHC) – Protein biding assays – Enzyme kinetics – Protein interaction – KITS – Detection: colorimetric, fluorometric and luminometric.
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Franz cells

Da-Ta Biotech’s state of the art sophisticated Hamilton Vertical diffusion device enables Israeli drug developing companies in sorting formulations for topical treatments.
Permeation assays - Artificial membrane – pig skin/ human skin – gel, liquid, ointment formulations.
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Tissue culture

Da-Ta Biotech extracts, propagates and prepares cell banks of cells from a wide range of sources including ATCC or any global source center, viable tissue collected within animal studies, viable tissue collected from a clinical study for R&D.
Biosafety level 2 - Cell banking –– cell lines – cancer cells – primary cell extraction - primary cells propagation – cell immortalization - Transient and stable transfections.
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Biocompatibility of a medical device is tested according to ISO 10993-5:2009. Being an Israeli CRO for biological assays is providing direct access for our clients for screening different prototypes, preparations or processes before advancing abroad to a GLP certified provider such as NAMSA.
- cytotoxicity assays (ISO 10993-5:2009) – cell viability – Medical Device testing – ADME Tox – Biological samples evaluation.
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Employing a validated in vitro model as well as setting up a new cell based research tool based on our customers’ needs, are both accomplished shortly and effectively by collaborations all over the pharmaceutical industry and suppliers.
Biosafety level 2 - Cell proliferation – apoptosis - cytotoxicity assays (ISO 10993-5:2009) – cell viability – metabolic assays - Cell Adhesion and attachment Cell migration – cytokines assays - Transient and stable transfections - Induction of cell differentiation.
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Our researchers are well practiced and certified for researching viruses BSL2. Adeno viruses and Lentiviruses are used for Pharmaceutical developments such as CAR-T and Immortalization.
Biosafety level 2 – cell infection – cytopathic effects – lenti viral plateform – adenoviral tools.
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AATCC-100 test method

Da-Ta Biotech’s state of the art sophisticated Hamilton Vertical diffusion device enables Israeli drug developing companies in sorting formulations for topical treatments.

Viscosity Measurement

Viscosity is the measurement of a fluid’s resistance to a flow. Kinematic viscosity refers to the viscosity of a fluid divided by its density under identical conditions (temperature and pressure). In terms of units, it is expressed as cm2/s{St(stokes)} or mm2/s{cSt(centistokes)}.
Viscosity refers to fluid’s internal resistance, indicated by the the shear stress produced at a surface perpendicular to this shearing velocity express as Pa·s{10P poise} or mPa·s{cP(centipoise)}. Da-Ta Biotech provides viscosity testing services for new test item Formulations. Our service is suitable for Newtonian fluids.
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Mycology is the study of fungi and their genetic and biochemical properties, their taxonomy, all of which have implications for human use, such as their use for traditional medicine, food, water reservoirs, as well as potential dangers.
Da-Ta Biotech provides Mycology Laboratory Services, for Research and Development (R&D).
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A private Biotech incubator for development Pharmaceuticals and Medical devices

Da-Ta Biotech services are provided for biotech companies including all the equipment and scientific support in order to advance R&D processes.
Methods using: Tissue culture BSL1 and BSL2, microbiology culture of bacteria fungi and phages, biochemistry protein assessment (western blot and ELISA), molecular biology gene expression assessment (PCR, DNA and RNA extraction) and more are practiced by our skilled team.
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