About us

Da-Ta Biotech Ltd. 
ß – site for R&D

Da-Ta Biotech provides cell-based assays for the biotechnology industry.The company serves as a beta site for R&D, from proof-of-concept to demonstrations of efficiency.

In-house testing capabilities include more than two dozen human and rodent cell lines and a wide range of (disease) models, including a model for the screening of anti-cancer drugs to determine EC50, a model for measuring the rate of wound healing and many others.

Researchers can test their samples using Da-Ta Biotech’s robust protocol or have Da-Ta adopt their suggested SOP/protocol and thereby save the costs involved in setting up an independent laboratory.

Da-Ta Biotech is managed by Dr. Rinat Borenshtain-Koreh team, experienced R&D experts who can guide researchers from the discovery stage to investor presentations

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