Drug screening and toxicity

Da-Ta Biotech provides a variety of efficient early toxicological evaluation services to assess drug safety profiles early in the discovery process and to support early drug development and optimization. According to customer requirements, Da-Ta Biotech offers in vitro cell based cytotoxicity panel to evaluate key toxicity markers including cell number, nuclear condensation, total nuclear intensity, cell permeability, mitochondrial membrane potential and cytochrome c release, which can help customers reduce the development pipeline time significantly and reduce animal testing.

We also provide Hepatotoxicity analysis services, Neurotoxicity analysis services and mitochondrial toxicity analysis services and more. We support your specific needs, and focused on providing cost-effective, high-quality, reproducible data, and flexible solutions with fast turnaround times.

In addition we can also provide in vivo toxicological evaluation to evaluate the toxicity tendency in collaboration with BiotechFarm, PK properties, drug-drug Interactions and more.

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