Cell Based assays and cell banking

Cells that can predict drug mode of action (MOA), efficacy, toxicity and drug like properties are valuable!

Cell-based assays are a powerful tool during early stage R&D. The correct tissue culture model may enable the measurement of virtually any cellular or biochemical function.

A chemical library based on a new pharmacophore may be screened using a cell based assay for its expected effect using a specific model for validating mode of action. Drugs that should be affecting the energetic status of the cells may be screened with a validated ATP depletion kit determining dose response curve and Inhibitory/ effective concentration effect of 50% (IC50, EC50).

The most effective compounds may than be screened for cytotoxicity/ proliferation assays employing cell cultures that are relevant for the intendant treatment. Compound stability in body fluids, analytical methods and reactivity with biological molecules are than determined. Compound downstream processing in a living body (physiologically active systems) may be predicted employing microsomal fractions from different sources.

Many times a new drug requires a new, yet well-established cell based model. Da-Ta Biotech provides that exact service being your beta site for R&D by setting up and validating the model. Employing the model for your own and complete benefit. A detailed, well established protocol is granted that further aims to serve the drug for GLP/ GMP batch release.

Da-Ta Biotech LTD employs Stem cell technology, prepares custom cell cultures, isolates cellular fractions, uses and produces cellular products and more. All those matrices are than employed for a wide range of assays such as cytotoxicity, proliferation, apoptosis and markers, ATP depletion, fluorescent dying, special plate preparation orders, unique protocols for slides and culture formats. Da-Ta Biotech employs both 2D (fibroblast, hepatocytes, and cancer adherent cell cultures) and 3D (skin models, suspensions cultures, leukemia derived) cellular models. Come to us with any scientific challenge, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

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