Phage and Bacteria

Da-Ta Biotech is a unique Israeli service provider in the field of Phages and bacteria. Da-Ta Biotech supports the R&D community need for banking cells, bacteria, phages and viruses (BSL2). Da-Ta Biotech identifies suitable strains for phage isolation and production, screens environmental samples for phages with desired activity, evaluates phages for host range and other characteristics, maintains phage and bacteria libraries and supports products post launch.

Master cell bank monitoring services are available at Da-Ta Biotech. As a service provider for several manufacturers, Da-Ta Biotech helps maintain the quality of biological that are produced in cultures. Da-Ta Biotech both performs and monitors processes of:

  • Genes transfection and transformation
  • Screening for genes expression
  • Culture expansion or characterization

Da-Ta Biotech LTD. guards your culture bank authentication

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