Digestion models

Human health is affected by food digestion rate and location in the gastrointestinal system (GI). It is not always possible to study food digestion in vivo because of technical, ethical, and financial issues. To simulate how food is digested within the GI tract, various in vitro digestion models have been developed.

Models of in vitro digestion are designed to reproduce digestion at different stages of the gastrointestinal tract (mouth, stomach, small intestine, colon/microbiota).  They can be static and have fixed parameter values (pH, enzyme concentration) or dynamic with variable parameters based on in vivo data.  A single step, such as intestinal digestion, can be mimicked, or a combination of several steps can be used to better represent digestion as a whole.

We at DaTa Biotech can provide relevant in vitro models that are based on in vivo data, such as varying pH, enzyme concentrations, and availability of digestive enzymes.

In addition we can also provide in vivo digestion models in collaboration with BiotechFarm.

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