Cell proliferation assays (drug cytotoxicity)
BRDU incorporation
Tripan blue

Biophysical cell assays
Cell migration/invasion assay
Wound healing assay
Cell senescence
Cell contraction
Endothelial tube formation – Angiogenesis
ATP depletion

 Gene expression/ detection assays
Retroviral expression systems
Bacterial expression systems
PCR diagnostics

Growing cell cultures for in vivo studies and preparation of cellular fractions for analysis
Cells in hollow-fiber
Primary cells counted as viable ready for – utilization
Counted viable cancer cell lines for implantation
Cytoplasmic / Mitochondrial fractions
DNA / RNA extractions

Development and Validation of ELISA tests
Caspases 1 to 10 activity
Measurement of cytokines / chemokines level
Transforming early stage tests (test tubes, blotting, etc.) to 96 well format ELISA

Ex-vivo esterase activity – Drug resistance to cleavage in plasma from different origins