Cell Based Assay

Build an in vitro model per your request. Adopt a valid SOP. Set-Up and validate a method from the literature.

Molecular Biology

Fully integrated approach for accomplishing molecular biology tasks. Expert in processing DNA RNA and Proteins.

Phage and Bactria

Batch clearance, propagation, special protocols and banking of bacterial and phage stocks.


Send buccal/cloacal swabs, blood derived samples, feathers or other organic matter for the diagnosis of sex, genetic disorder and pathogens

Based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the aging population and need for new drug and health care therapies will drive demand for biotechnology research and development. The biopharmaceutical market of over $138 billion is rapidly growing at a 2- digit annual growth rate High-yield biosimilar cell lines for higher productivity and lower manufacturing costs