Selleck Chemicals

Selleck Chemicals is one of the world leading suppliers of high-performance kinase inhibitors on signaling pathways and antibodies for cell signaling and oncology research. 
Selleck Chemicals is represented by Da-Ta Biotech Ltd. enabling a profound mode of action investigation.
Visitors of Selleck Chemicals site will find a handful of useful research aiding tools making researcher work very easy and reliable (see: “Tech-Support”).
Da-Ta Biotech and Selleck Chemicals are collaborating with the Biotech industry and R&D teams for advancing research in the fields of cell signaling and especially cancer for advancing the development of effective therapies. Da-Ta Biotech enables researchers to perform any in vitro assay by providing the laboratory, equipment and skilled research team. Selleck Chemicals is providing the compounds to be used for comparison, system validation and references.


Selleck Biologicals

Selleck is dedicated to developing high quality antibodies for cell signaling research with multiple applications, including Western blot, Immunoprecipitation, IHC, Immunofluorescence, Flow Cytometry and more.
Selleck provides more than 1500 antibodies which target on critical protein covering various cell signal pathways, including phospho-specific antibodies and non-phospho antibodies.

Selleck Antibodies are qualified for serving scintific needs for:
Primary antibodies
Secondary antibodies
Tag antiboies
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Epigenetic Antibodies

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