Remembrane – Lipid profiles of cell membranes
A typical fatty acid profile (lipidomic profile) characterizes the membrane compartment of each cell and tissue type. This profile is strictly controlled by the cell, according to its necessities and metabolic needs.
The lipid composition can detect, among many others, the following parameters:
• An increase/decrease in membrane fluidity
• A change of trans-membrane protein folding
• A situation of radical stress as marked by Trans fatty acids
• A release of Arachidonic acid by phospholipases
• A balance change between omega6/omega3
Information on theseessential biochemical and physiological aspects is now obtainedthough the Lipidomic analysis. This low-cost and rapid Technology by Remembrane® enables the integration of in-vitro and in-vivo valuable data regarding cellular and tissue performance.
Report monitors the membrane lipid profile of cultured cells and biopsies. It can be applied to any cultured cell line, tissue or biopsy and it is integrated with personalized statistical analysis and lipidomic interpretation of data.

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