Molecular analysis

Molecular Tools and Analysis

Da-Ta Biotech LTD molecular laboratory skills are enhanced by the team’s deep understanding of the field.We follow, build and validate any robust protocol required for our industrial customers. Israeli biotech companies are provided by Da-Ta Biotech with the peace of mind alongside a well-established protocol and report.

A researcher may ask for DNA or RNA purification from his samples using any kit that is compatible for its downstream application.

Naama: “please let us know what the original sample material is”

We may provide you with our verified protocol for sample collection and delivery.
The downstream application of the nucleic acid will be cloning of a specific sequence into a DH5 alpha compatible vector

Rinat: “would you like us to supply the vector? We may also receive it for you from your supplier”

The insert required for cloning involves a point mutation in the target sequence.
Naama: “unique primers compatible for the sequence and the point mutation are designed and ordered by our team. Next, we amplify and monitor the sequence by real time PCR (RT-PCR) and validate the point mutation”.

The insert is ligated into the cloning vector that is transfected into the host.
Rinat: “please let us know the expression level expected and amount of productrequired”

The product is prepared in batches accompanied with a COA and can be stocked or used for cell based or non-cell based assays. Da-Ta Biotech can use a reporter gene such asa fluorescent protein or beta galactosidasefor determining promoter efficiency and regulationand monitoring gene activation or gene expression.