Cell Based Assay

Da-Ta Biotech LTD employs a wide range of Cell Based Assay Stem cell technology, prepares custom cell cultures, isolates cellular fractions, uses and produces cellular products and more. All those matrices are than employed for a wide range of assays such as cytotoxicity, proliferation, apoptosis and markers, ATP depletion, fluorescent dying, special plate preparation orders, unique protocols for slides and culture formats. Da-Ta Biotech employs both 2D (fibroblast, hepatocytes, and cancer adherent cell cultures) and 3D (skin models, suspensions cultures, leukemia derived) cellular models. Come to us with any scientific challenge, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!

 live cell image by JuLI


Vehicle control well Scratch wound assay


 3T3 Cell line with GFP marker     

GFP Cell line